“I feel very strongly that you & all your group have been a true lifesaver throughout this time, your kindness, compassion & practical help has been invaluable. If you need anyone to testify to the good you have done then count on us.”

“Ever since COVID-19 started, I was met with stony silence in all my attempts to get us help from the government, supermarkets etc, it was impossible to get to speak or communicate with a human being. No contact numbers given that were ever answered, general “cut & paste” replies or no reply to my emails, just the standard response to keep trying.”

“It wasn’t until that day when lovely Toni knocked on our door that anyone actually listened to what I was saying. Your group sorted out everything I’d been told was impossible.”


“I am back on track financially. I would really like to thank you and the other Dormansland Diamonds ?  who were so kind and understanding during this very difficult time. Those weekly food deliveries really got us out of a tight hole, and it was done with such kindness and compassion. I can’t thank you and the team enough. You are all very special people ❤.  I dont know if you have ever heard of Dr David Hamilton? He writes books on the effects of kindness. I have been lucky enough to be at some of his lectures which very much reminds me of the Dormansland Diamonds and the ripple effect it will have on the village for many years to come.”


“Hi Fairy Godmother! A huge THANK YOU, for getting me the computer. This means so much.  I will be able to join in events and not feel so isolated.  I am enjoying chatting with the people you put me in touch with. Please don’t feel that the Diamonds forgot about certain issues, the lockdown is a new experience that no one had planned for. Be proud, the Diamonds make things happen and I am very grateful.”


“My Mum is in Chessington shielding and she said if only there was something set up there to help people. She thinks our village is amazing, says it all really.”


“I have been asked by Tandridge District Cllr Mark Ridge and Surrey County Cllr Lesley Steeds to thank all volunteers in Lingfield and Dormansland for the incredible work you have done keeping our vulnerable residents safe and well. The spontaneous creation of groups to pack and deliver food parcels, to queue for and deliver food and medications and to make PPE for the NHS and care homes is a tribute to the community spirit that prevails in the two villages. Your selflessness in putting the welfare of others ahead of your own wellbeing is fully recognised and greatly appreciated.”


A lovely letter of thanks to the sewing group, from the Chairman of Surrey County Council, contains the following:

“…I really can’t express how much your contribution is appreciated and the impact you’ve made to many individuals – thank you!

I have found it incredibly moving to see how the Surrey residents and workers have rallied together. It has shown me now, more than ever how strong we are as a community…”

To read the entire letter, please click here: Thank-you-to-PPE-Volunteers-23.07.20


Another kind letter of thanks from the Parish Council to all our volunteers at Dormansland Diamonds, contains the following message:

“…The volunteers’ response to Covid-19 has been immeasurable and we are fortunate to have such wonderful people in our village…”

To read the entire letter, please click here: Letter to Dormansland Diamonds – July 2020




To  celebrate all the wonderful work our volunteers have put in for the community, we had a celebratory get together at the Plough.


As well as the volunteers attending, so did Sir Nicholas White and our local MP Claire Coutinho, whom we gave a cherry tree to symbolise the Dormansland Cherry Pickers and the growth of our community in this tough time.


We would once again like to give a huge thank you to all our wonderful volunteers at Dormansland Diamonds, past and future and we hope everyone enjoyed the event and the time spent helping out the community.



We would also like to thank Jo at the Plough for allowing us to hold this event there and being able to set up the food box service from the Plough.